Monday, September 7, 2009

CSE'09 article in SIAM News

CSE'09 article in SIAM News

This isn't fresh-off-the-oven news, but it's still on the main SIAM News page, so I'll mention it as I am trying to do a better job of keeping up with this blog...

As I mentioned on a previous post, our three part minisymposium on Python at the SIAM CSE09 conference was fairly well received. But even better, SIAM asked us to write up an article for publication in the SIAM News bulletin. I was really pleased with this, as SIAM News reaches a very broad international audience and is actually read by people. I often find very interesting material in it, as the publication hits a very good balance of quality and not being overly specialized (as we all drown in work, we tend to focus only on very narrow publication lists for everyday reading,

Randy, Hans-Petter and I drafted up an article, and we received great feedback from all of the presenters at the minisymposium, including figure contributions by John Hunter and Hank Childs (who was at LLNL at the time, and I'm delighted to see is just up the hill from me at LBL).

Our article is now available in HTML online at the SIAM site, and I also have a PDF version that is more suitable for printing in case you are interested (note that my version is missing the very last corrections from the SIAM editor, but the differences should be minor).

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